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" We are powerful and resilient - We are Trans Pennsylvanians " 

The ACLU of Pennsylvania

A Legacy of LGBQT Liberty


For decades, the ACLU of Pennsylvania has provided legal and advocacy support for those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Transgender. The ACLU-PA recognizes that LGBQT individuals experience a high rate of discrimination and injustice and we are committed to combating these injustices through litigation, legislation, organizing, communications, and policy advocacy. By naming and identifying injustices, we hope to inform the public on how the LGBQT communities are impacted and how LGBQT communities have had our civil liberties violated.



Highlights of ACLU-PA Transgender Rights Work



  • (2017) Doe v. Boyertown School DistrictThe Boyertown Area School District respects its students' gender identity. Among other things, the Boyertown Area Senior High (“BASH”) has allowed students to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity (read more)



Today, the ACLU of PA continues its defense of individual rights on many intersecting fronts. Some of these are recurring battles, such as fighting racial and gender-based discrimination and defending reproductive freedoms. Whichever the battle, the ACLU of PA has vowed to protect the civil liberties of ALL Pennsylvanians through advocacy, education and litigation.

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